Ayako Robotic Hand Project

My goal for this personal project is to design and create a prosthetic hand capable of moving its fingers so that it can grab things. The purpose designing and creating this hand is to teach kids how robotics is used in real-life situations and to show them that it is possible for them to create other types of robots.

Why I decided to make this project

The main global context for this project will is Scientific and technical innovation. I choose scientific and technical innovation as then global context for this project because the reason kids now don’t know about robotics is because the teachers and parents in their lives don’t know how easy it is to use robotics to solve everyday problems, this is not good because the kids will never end up learning about robotics and all of this is because there has not been enough innovation in certain countries like Spain for robotics to be taught in schools.

I based this on my personal interests because I am really into robotics (given that I have won a few competitions in robotics before), because of this I would like to give other people the chance to study robotics as well.

I think that the only prior learning that I had from school was two things that I learnt in digital design. One of the thing that I had learnt in digital design was the basics of 3d modeling, I say the basics because the program and the techniques that I used while designing my project were a lot more advanced from what they thought me in digital design.

Files and links

Here are some files and links that I would like to share.


The report that I made for this project given that it was for school. This report covers everthing that is related to this project.


The GitHub Reposatory contaning all the files and designs that I used during this project.


Recording of one of the presentations that I gave to a grade 9 class. (sorry for vertical recording)