Facilitating drug procurement

Our Goal

The current manual and time-consuming drug procurement processes at the client's facility, characterized by the need for constant evaluation of drug alternatives based on price, quantity, and packaging, along with the critical need for timely and precise drug restocking, significantly hinder operational efficiency and patient care. To solve this we produced a standalone cloud based application that will produce accurate replacement drugs and a cost analysis for them based on an input drug identification number.

How it Works

The PAPO application is a comprehensive healthcare platform designed to optimize the pharmaceutical procurement process through advanced technology. It integrates a secure online database, robust API functionality, and a user-friendly front-end interface. The secure database manages user credentials and real-time information updates, while the API supports key user interactions such as registration, login, and profile management. At its core, the application employs sophisticated algorithms for analyzing drug package sizes and evaluating costs, aimed at providing users with cost-effective drug replacement options. This seamless integration of database architecture, APIs, and front-end design enhances user experience by offering a streamlined process for accessing personalized, financially optimal drug replacements. The application's emphasis on security, efficiency, and precision in managing pharmaceutical data positions it as a significant tool in improving healthcare outcomes.

Design Features

Cloud Based Implementation

The application has been built for cloud based implementations and is not limeted to any serves. We used AWS. 

Similarity Algorithm

Developed an alogrithm to determine the similarity of two durgs based on there names and forms.

Dosage Extration

Built system that can extacte the dosage information of a drug from the descriptor string. 

Dynamic & Responsive Tables 

Tables adapt to API responses by altering headers and columns to exclude any with NULL values. They include pagination, showing up to 15 results per page.

Consistent UI

Maintains UX flow with a uniform layout across pages, featuring a sidebar and a page-specific header with a search bar.

CSV Upload

Enables admins to modify organizational aspects like user permissions and hospital centers. This feature is currently a work in progress (WIP).

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