An App for the Visualy Impared

Whatever INC Team

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Taha Ababou

Project/Interface Lead

Manuel Segimón Plana

Project/Specification Lead

Joel Akerman

Documentation Lead

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Axel S. Toro Vega

Technical Lead

Jakob Zolkos

Technical Lead

Our Goal

Our project consists in making an android application that would automatically capture pictures, name the object and also give their location. This app is intended to help visually impaired people so that they can know what is in front of them by just opening the app. Our UI is made in a way that the user doesn’t need to take the pictures. The app itself is going to take pictures and analyze them every couple of seconds by default.

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How it Works

The app works by taking a picture every few seconds, encoding it to Base64, and then sending it to the server for processing. The server then decodes the image and saves it temporarily so that it can be enhanced to make the individual objects pop more, this is done by changing its color, contrast, sharpness… After that the server sends the image to the Google Cloud Vision API, and with the response it generates a string and sends it back to the app so that it can be read out loud to the user.

Check out the GitHub

Design Features

Application Logo

The colors and shape of the logo make the app more recognizable for the visually impaired. 

Logo Colors

The red in the logo is meant to portray confidence to the user.

Logo Shape

The distinct shape of the “eyebrow” represents the 180º that it can see. 

Minimalistic Design 

The minimalistic design of the app is intended so that the user can easily navigate it without distractions.

No User Interaction

The app just starts analysing frames on its own after statup. Making it simpler for visualy impaired users.

Camera Feed

The camera feed is shown so that the user can get an idea of the images that they are sending us.

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